First edition of Nazariya Magazine, themed “Imperialism: In and Out” released on 18th March, 2023 in the form of a physical magazine. Contact us for your copy!

Perspective of Nazariya

The deepening crisis of imperialist capital in the underdeveloped countries of the world has seen an astonishing spread of anti-intellectualism alongside post-modern identitarian trends in the intellectual sphere. In addition, the current climate of the onslaught of Brahmanical Hindutva Fascism has brought with it religious and regional chauvinism, caste supremacy and deepened petit-bourgeois cynicism. Most glaringly, this gaping vacuum within the ideological sphere has served the ruling class in spreading cynicism, confusion and encouraged the creation of silos of interests within revolutionary circles. Concomitantly, the nexus between imperialism and feudalism in a country like ours is growing stronger and establishing deeper roots. Today, it’s ideological moorings dominate institutions across the country. This anti-people, status-quoist behemoth is entering the cultural, social, economic and political arena as the only force, that is, one without any challenge. This is manifesting everyday in the cultural and the ideological sphere. It is this that we intend to challenge through rigorous polemical engagement.

At the same time, in these dire times, newer and newer forms of resistance are continuing to establish deeper and deeper roots in society. In order to understand this and to forge a revolutionary alternative, concrete analysis of concrete conditions is necessary. In Lenin’s words, “The light of theory must be cast upon every separate fact.” Recognising the importance of revolutionary theory and practice, the importance of organised resistance and with an unswerving commitment towards the working class movement, the Nazariya team strives to participate in the struggle to realise a new world. A world without unbridled inequality and oppression, a world where one class of people do not subjugate and live off another and the aspirations of the broad masses of people find it’s truest expression, this is the world for which we strive. This monthly magazine endeavours to be a space for discussion on a broad range of questions that concern the working class, peasantry, intellectual and professional classes. This includes questions of production relations, social hierarchies including caste, urbanisation, development measures, environmental degradation and resource exploitation, marginalised communities and oppressed nationalities. Encouraging a diverse range of opinions to understand the immediate, local, country-wide and international issues through Marxist class analysis is the intended aim.

We call upon all democratic, progressive and revolutionary forces to support this effort through their participation, both in its realisation and its circulation. We lay open the space in our columns for spirited discussions with preference for the approach of engagement and persuasion. The Nazariya team will credit every participant, writer and contributor and take editorial responsibility.

by the Nazariya Team

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